Brilliant Title Corporation, with offices and Annapolis and Chester, Maryland, has been serving residential and commercial buyers, borrowers and lenders for more than 20 years. Company owner Rob Brilliant strives to replicate the incredible customer service so many local patrons received at Brilliant Optical, the optometric practice started in Annapolis by his parents, Oscar and Geraldine, in the early 1950s.

At Brilliant Title, each transaction is fully researched, explained and personally handled. We understand the transaction Brilliant Title will be handling on any given day just might be the biggest transaction that client will undertake in his or her life.

Every title report is reviewed by an experienced real estate attorney. Unlike real estate company owned title companies, which arguably protect the realtor’s interest over the consumer due to the amount of the fee being generated by the real estate company, Brilliant Title’s independence allows it to carefully examine each title report without any pressure from any other partner and do what is best for its client.

When you buy, sell or refinance real property a loan closing or settlement of title must occur. Brilliant Title offers experience, independence and extremely reasonable fees. So don’t just settle – Settle Brilliantly!
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